Sale of Container Spare Parts

When I joined the Indian Army as a Lieutenant in the year 1978, little did I know that this training would prove crucial later, in handling all the intricacies of management. As part of the Army Service Corps (ASC) it was mandatory to acquaint ourselves with all aspects of supply chain management which today in my opinion forms the backbone of the container service industry. In the year 1999, after having worked through the minutest details of container repairing and fabrication starting from cutting marine ply to welding and then to post-survey we bagged the first repair contract at ICD, Ludhiana. Since we were the first repairers in ICD, Ludhiana we had a standard to set. We must have fared well because it’s been almost a decade and we are still going strong. In the year 2001, lessons learnt in the Army and experience gained at Ludhiana gave rise to Golden Horn Containers Service Pvt. Ltd. Our inability to compromise on quality and our motto of service before self has secured us the position of the second best repairer in the country and a place in the international order and we are confident that it shall continue to guide us in the years to come and shall enable us to scale greater heights.

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